Sector Coordination

The Government of Liberia and its partners aim to increase safe water coverage, improve access to sanitation, and improve hygiene. To do this, it is essential that the whole WASH Sector in Liberia coordinates their efforts, and implements a comprehensive and coordinated programme together.

A number of efforts are being undertaken to improve the coordination in the WASH Sector in Liberia. They are listed below.

  • The National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Committee (NWSHPC) of the Ministry of Public Works has been instituted to drive the sector agenda and coordinate the various stakeholders.
  • The National Technical Coordinating Unit (NTCU) is responsible for overall coordination and technical support to Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) activities in Liberia.
  • Various guiding policy documents have been created, such as the WASH Sector Investment Plan, and the WASH Sector Capacity Development Plan, which outline sector-wide needs for investments and capacity development. All relevant documents can be found on the documentation page.
  • From 2012, an annual WASH Joint Sector Review is held, during which all stakeholders come together and discuss progress towards sector strategic goals. More info is available in the news item on the Sector Review 2013.
  • A list of WASH Projects is being compiled by NWSHPC. Full project information is given, including project updates.
  • A list of organisations working on WASH in Liberia is being compiled, including contact details and description.