GLAAS Validation Workshop Ends in Liberia



The WASH Sector in Liberia just ended a GLAAS validation workshop that focused on monitoring the inputs required to extend and sustain water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems and services. The Sector working group known as the National Water Sanitation Hygiene Promotion Committee validated the data collected by the GLAAS in country Focal Person, Mr. Abdul Hafiz Koroma. The data according to Mr. Koroma was collected from key principal respondents from four Government Ministries and Agencies. The validation workshop, which brought together over 37 participants from various institutions operating within the WASH Sector is the second of its kind since 2011 when Liberia [participated in the 1st round of GLAAS data collection.

The dialogue and information that emerged from this GLAAS validation workshop in Liberia also enhanced the understanding of linkages among water,  sanitation, and economic growth, and how these can promote a culture of mutual accountability, partnership, and shared responsibility.

The Assistant Minister for Community Services at the Ministry of Public Works, Hon. George Yarngo, emphasized during his opening remarks, that  policies and programs have very crucial importance on ensuring adequate financial and human resources to both sustain the existing infrastructure and expand access to sanitation, drinking water and hygiene services.

For his part, the National WASH Coordinator, Abdul Hafiz Koroma accentuated the commitment of the World Health Organization in supporting the GLAAS to perform a data-gathering exercise in countries to fill knowledge gaps and track trends on key resource inputs for the delivery and sustainability of improved sanitation and safe drinking water.

He also stressed that, like in other parts of the world this data collection occur jointly with other international partners depending on the availability of resources and both human and financial