Next CLTS Coordination Meeting – 11 July


This is a gentle reminder that the next CLTS Coordination Meeting will be held tomorrow, THURS 11 JULY, 2PM

at the DEOH office at the Old MOHSW on Capitol Bye-Pass. All partners implementing CLTS are requested to attend these monthly meetings. Please find the agenda below.

The minutes of the last meeting can be found here.

Proposed Agenda
1. Welcome
2. Status Update on Action Points

  • Follow up on ACF activities in Lofa (NTCU)
  • Follow up on ARC and Equip activities in Nimba (NTCU)
  • Share CLTS job description (NTCU)
  • Plan NSC meeting (NTCU)
  • Create national CLTS plan (NTCU)

3. Discussion on Application Form and Process
4. Partner Updates
5. AOB
6. Formulation of Action Points
7. Closing