Next National WASH Coordination Meeting — 19 September


This is a gentle reminder that the next national WASH Coordination Meeting will take place this Thursday, 19 SEPT, 2PM at the Ministry of Public Works. Please find the proposed agenda, with action points from last month, below.


  1. Welcome
  2. Status Updates on Action Points
  3. Presentation & Discussion: WASH Reporting Structure, New Quarterly WASH Reporting Template Format & SSP Thematic Groups (Reporting Task Force)
  4. Presentation & Discussion: Overview of GLAAS Survey (NWSHPC)
  5. AOB
  6. Formulation of Action Points
  7. Closing

Action Points from August

  • Urgently write a letter to MoHSW and MLME requesting the secondment of staff that have been offered to support NWSHPC (MPW)
  • Post SSP Thematic Working Groups ToR on the WASH website (NWSHPC)
  • Organize meeting for August 27th for SSP Thematic Group chairs and Reporting Task Force to hand over work (NWSHPC)
  • Organize Survey Validation workshop on 28th August (UNICEF)
  • Send surveys to PSI (WASH Consortium)
  • Post Hygiene Promotion briefer on WASH website (Hygiene Promotion Technical Subcommittee)
  • Send out a simple template out for WASH partners and where they are working (location down to county, district and community level) by next week (NWSHPC)