Over 2000 Residents Smile as MPW Flow Campaign Kicks Up


The primary objective of FLOW is to increase access to safe drinking water to resident of communities by repairing and keeping operational existing communal hand pumps.

The project has commenced the repair and have functional over 500 waterpoints in need of minor repairs. Studies have shown in many instances that due to poor and non-existent maintenance regimes. In many of such breakdown situation, handpumps sometimes in need of very little attention remain broken for periods ranging between three (3) months to about a year.

This evidently leads to large populations going without access to water and being exposed to all the negatives of such a situation.

The campaign is a robust one because the criteria for intervention considers very simple breakdowns requiring the replacements of parts costing less than 100.00 USD cumulatively. Based on this intervention criteria, teams of WASH coordinators ,pump technicians , and social workers commenced the first field visit within Mountserrado and its surroundings.

Currently, the project has began achieving the following objectives:

1. Support the Organization and/or strengthening of existing community WASH Structures
2. Formulate agreement of management and sustainability structures
3. Repair all 500 hand pumps in need of minor repair.
4. Provide access to a population of about 10,000 persons (using standard ratio of 250 persons to a water point).
5. . Set up a viable monitoring system for h/p operations