WASH in Schools Assessment Near Completion!


WASH in Schools Assessment Committee Meeting, 2 pm, 10 February 2016:

PDU, MPW, MoE (School Personnel Services, EMIS), UNICEF (Education, WASH) and SBA consultancy

Discussion/Issues Arising:
– Few areas of discrepancy need to be sorted, e.g., an assumption that those who had access to water were accessing “safe drinking” water; categorization of schools by type (public/community, private/faith based etc.)

– As presented, the analysis is not in-depth and there is a need to probe/interrogate the data further to identify and explain gaps/possible inconsistencies in the data (both narrative and numerical/tabulated data);

– Validation meeting: Given the timeframe, it might not be feasible to hold the 4 planned regional validation workshops. Subject to final decision from MoE on this issue, there will be need to submit a reprogramming request to UNICEF to enable utilization of the funds released for regional level validation to be utilized for national level preliminary meeting. To this end, MPW (Abdul) to prepare draft budget and share with UNICEF (Patrick). UNICEF also informed that MoE has $4,000 as DCT and a letter is required to UNICEF if these funds are to be reprogrammed for WinS activities.

Action Points:
– EMIS, MPW and SBA to cross check and differentiate data by type of schools (When: 10:30am on Friday 12 February, SBA office);
– Agenda, list of invitees etc. for presentation of preliminary results to be circulated by MPW (When: Responsible: Abdul. Due date: Wednesday 10 February);
– UNICEF to provide feedback on agenda (When: Thursday, 11th February)
– MPW (Dep Min Paye) to send agenda to MoE (Dep Min Nimely) for MoE to formally communicate to all invitees for 18th Feb (When: 12th February)
– Consultants need to submit the preliminary report to UNICEF (When: 13th February)

– UNICEF to circulate the preliminary report to all Technical Committee members for their review/input (When: 13th February)