WASH Barometer

The National WASH secretariat has published and submitted to the office of the President a list of NGO’s and GOL agencies that have been defaulting on reporting. The report was presented to the Program Delivery Unit in the Office of the President today, May 26, 2014.

The Report summarily outlines all GOL Agencies and INGOs’ compliance to various reporting instruments developed to capture WASH data on implementation activities around the country. The key purpose for the collection of this information is to inform the planning process for a maintenance program whereby County WASH Coordinators can use the information to carry out routine monitoring and maintenance of water point infrastructure thereby increasing access for Liberia’s  poor rural communities.

It seems however that a good  number of  partners have largely chosen not to support this process through the  Government  approved systems. Some highlights in the report points to over 25 WASH Partners participating in training events to help them with the reporting but yet none have submitted any data to the WASH Sector National FLOW dashboard. Out of  a total number of Forty (40) active partners only two(2) could meet  compliance criteria of a B category while a whooping Forty landed within the F Category.

With funding from Irish Aid through the WASH Consortium the NWSHPC secretariat team will be visiting sites within Sinoe, Rivercess ,Grand Bassa, Grand Capemount and Rural Montserrado counties to verify the limited reports received last quarter and produce other reports.

See the report WASH Sector Compliance Baromemter

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