WASH in Schools

5,113 schools were covered by the WASH in schools survey conducted between between December 2015 and January 2016. From all the schools 2,581 were public schools and 2,532 non-public schools. The total enrollment in all 5,113 schools was reported to be 1,340,042 students. Overall, 51.1 percent of students were male and 48.9 per cent of students were female, however these results varied by grade level and rural-urban locality. Close to one per cent of all students were found to be students with disabilities. About 83,7% of all schools reported having access to hand washing facilities. This amounted to 9,438 hand washing stations. The practice of waste disposal was reported in about 83,7% of schools. Please find the key WASH indicators in the carts below or download the whole report.

Access to water

In term of incases, 42% of schools (2147 schools) have no access to any water source.

Access to latrines

30,9% of the schools in Liberia have no latrines. This basically means about 1580 schools.

Access to hygene

37,8% of the schools were found not to have a hand washing station. This represents 1933 schools.

Waste management

The assessment revealed that 16,3% of the schools had no available waste disposal system in place.

Water point functionality

Latrine functionality

Handwashing availability

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