Water point functionality

According to the WHO / JMP definitions we distinguish improved from unimproved water sources to calculate the overall functionality of Water points.  In total, 15089 water points in Liberia were reported to be improved, and  9674 (64.1%) are technically fully functional and in use. 1408 (9.3%) are functional but not in use for drinking water, 1145 (7.6%) are functional but with problems, and 2733 (18.1%) are broken down. At the bottom of this page you can find a interactive table and chart that can be filtered on functionality, county and district level.

Functionality per county

The table below shows the number of functional and non-functional improved water points per county in Liberia.

Types of damage reported

The chart below shows the types of damage reported both for all improved water points, and only for the water points that are reported to be broken down, or functional with problems. The table shows that for the broken down water points, a damaged pump was the most occuring problem (51.1%), followed by problems in the pipe (33.2%) and the apron (29.9%).

Data per disctrict

Do you need more detailed information of the functionality of improved water points per district?